ON RELEASING (the darkness)

How do you open up? How do you make them see the pain? How do you phrase it? How do you paint the feelings, inscribe the emotions on the paper? How do you pen the self-injuries? How do you show your scars? How do you voice the daunting truths? How do you turn the gloomy echo into a lively song? How do you express your soulless being in front of the all and sundry?

How do you let people observe you from the shadows whilst they stand under the sunlight? How do you let them enter the darkness, your darkness?

How do you make them grasp what they seemingly have never seen or heard in their heads? How do you make them understand that you are not evil although it may look as though you shook hands with the devil, so close to the edge, so close to reaching the other side? How do you explain to them the barrier with the demons and where to draw the line? How do you prove a beam of light remains, in spite of the inability to name it?

How do you defend your self when all that is left for them is to guess and attempt at deciphering?

How do you make people understand when you do not even know which rope made you hold on? How do you show them your resistance when you cannot see which part is still, surprisingly, carrying you?

Surprisingly: perhaps in that word lies part of the answer, for life is full of mysteries and myriads of surprises still remain. Letting the surprises, any surprises, overwhelm your being. Stories yet to be told. Characters to be uncovered. Paths to be discovered. Seemingly unconnected tales to be entangled.

An ultimate streak of light on this moonless night.

Stromae. L’Enfer.

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