On Permission

Permission, i.e. the action of officially allowing someone to do a particular thing; consent or authorization.


As the word comes to mind, one may believe that its definition is intrinsically correlated with the association of a peer. And yet, the importance of the term also happens to be strikingly linked to the Self. 

Indeed, permission is more than a form of embodiment of hierarchy. 

It is holding our own self accountable. In that very sense, permission is freedom. By acknowledging our own faults and traits, we give ourselves permission to be – fully, and authentically. 

Permission to be oneself is permission to express oneself without any boundaries foisted by any plausible external circumstance.  

Permission is acceptance fulfilled. It means accepting to move on without any resentment, to let go peacefully in order to be ready to unveil a new facet of our self. Thus, while it may be a long-lasting work in progress, it is also the epitome of the holy grail.

Permission to wholly grasp oneself, or for the least, aiming at that comprehension. It means realizing that one’s evolution is innate. Adapting, transforming, reworking, expanding as part of the cycle. 

It is releasing ourselves from what we are not, from what we were for a brief period of time, from what we have been for most of our existence, from what we once believed we were, from what has happened to us, from what has occurred to us. 

“The one who thinks is not his thoughts.”

Sarah G.

Being able to allow our very own self may be a daunting, concealed act of amour propre. Permission to dissociate our thoughts from our Self, for our thoughts are ever-changing and therefore cannot be deemed as an inherent part of us. Permission not to let attachment govern our existence and to show courage in cutting the cord. 

Perhaps, the greatest gift one can offer themselves is thus permission. 

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