On Goodbye

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”

— Shakespeare

Good bye is serene. It is embracing the end. I means looking back with gratitude. It is the expression of good wishing when parting ways, or having already parted ways. Saying goodbye means being wholeheartedly ready to face the plausible absence and the fear. More than a peaceful farewell, goodbye is the gift that one can make a close-one. It also can be the gift that one offers to themselves.

Goodbye is not similar to the violent movement of a door being shut in your face. And perhaps; up to a certain extent, to the most desperate; uttering and feeling the word’s weight plainly embodies the wondrous hope of a reunion. Goodbye is not the French adieu.

It took me a while, almost a year, to be precise, to finally say goodbye. It took me a while to realize that saying goodbye was not a bleak action but a positive one. It is not the tearing of parts, as forever still binds two beings in one part of their lives.

It can at times be the bravest thing you can do to honor your self, your self-worth — the harshest accomplishment and yet also one of your greatest.

Goodbye is letting go. Goodbye is freedom. Goodbye is love.

We tried hard to utter the word
eventually, we did say goodbye
in the midst of our storm
we let it all out
perhaps not face to face
but still, heart to heart
soul to soul
life to life
in each our very own ways
we faced the darkness
and embraced the remains of light
in truth
and regard
we offered each other
respect and reward
whichever way we would part and thus
we embarked on this
forthright path
once named
bona fides.

Izal. Hambre.

what does goodbye mean to you?

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